About The Monu-Mental About books

The Monu-Mental About ... series are not coffee table books full of pretty pictures and little substance, but practical guides to the monuments themselves. From now on you will not have to simply be content with sitting at home and looking at nice pictures of places and wishing you could experience them: you will find out how to go and see them for yourself!

About Tom FourWinds

Tom FourWinds is the owner and creator of Ireland's leading website concentrating on the historic and prehistoric monuments of Ireland - He is not an archaeologist, but a man with passion for Ireland and its heritage.

Through he tries to bring the wonder and, in some cases, the plight of the monuments of Ireland to people's attention. There is so much more to Ireland's historic and prehistoric heritage than the monuments in the Boyne Valley or the Blarney Stone. not only tells you about monuments across Ireland, but also provides locational information so you can see these amazing monuments for yourself.

Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim is available from all good bookshops and directly from myself at

I have already started work on the next book Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Mayo, which looks as if it is going to be a larger book than the other three. I have to talk to my publishers about that, though, to see if this is ok. If not then I'll have to pick another county in Connaght - probably Clare.

The Books

MMA1 - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Dublin

MMA2 - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Waterford

MMA3 - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim


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