MMA3 - Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim

Monu-Mental About Prehistoric Antrim is the third book in a series of county-by-county fieldguides to Irish pre-Christian monuments. Many people visit County Antrim to experience the Giant's Causeway or walk in the famous Glens, but many overlook the amazing monuments the county has to offer.

Monuments included in this book include standing stones, cairns, portal tombs, court tombs, wedge tombs, Antrim's group of unique mini-passage tombs as well as several magnificent hilltop passage tombs. One of these megalithic tombs was even used as a pigsty!

Rural Antrim's proximity to Belfast has meant that some of its monuments have been documented for over 150 years and many underwent excavation during the mid-1900s. The first section of this book travels around the county detailing the monuments and their relationships, and introduces work from the early accounts and excavation reports. The second section is a monument-by-monument gazetteer, giving individual descriptions, directions and positional information for each monument.

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